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Dr Harold Gillies

Cosmetic Surgery

Grants Program

Grants up to $1850
for Facelifts
Cosmetic Surgery Grants - Facelift

A Cosmetic Surgery Grant covers Facelifts (Rhytidectomy) when you book your surgery with a participating cosmetic surgery clinic.

Get a19.5% Grant, to a maximum of $1850, for  a Facelift.

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A Facelift is a surgical procedure that aims to rejuvenate the face by lifting and tightening facial tissues. 


Other surgical procedures often accompanying a facelift include: eyelid surgery, brow lift, and fat transfer surgery.

The Grant covers facelift surgery on its own or in combination with other surgeries. 

After your consultation with one of our participating surgeons, they will recommend the best suited treatment plan for your desired results and for the best possible outcome.

Submit your application to connect with an experienced facial plastic surgeon near you.

About the Cosmetic Surgery Grants Program

The Cosmetic Surgery Grants Program connects you with trusted plastic surgeons and covers up to 19.5%, to a maximum of $1850 of your Facelift surgery. When you book your surgery, the Grant will be automatically deducted from the cost of your procedure.

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Easy Process

It's easy to get a Cosmetic Surgery Grant:

- Submit your application using the Enroll Form Here.
- Select a participating plastic surgeon near you.
- Book your surgery date.

Eligible Procedures


Neck Lift

Eyelid Surgery

Cheek Augmentation

Buccal Fat Removal Procedure


Other Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

To inquire about the eligibility of a procedure not listed, email us:

Other Grant Amounts

Grant amounts are based on the type of procedure you select. The Grant amount for a Facelift is 19.5% of the cost of your surgery plan, to a maximum of $ 1,850. You can combine the grant with different procedures including the following: 

Breast Augmentation: 18.5% Grant, up to $1,500

Tummy Tuck: 20% Grant, up to $2,000

Mommy Makeover: 20% Grant, up to $2,000

Rhinoplasty: 19.5% Grant, up to $1,850

Brazilian Butt Lift: 20% Grant, up to $2,000

Liposuction: 20% Grant, up to $2,000

For questions about other procedures or Grant amounts, please email us:

Grant Amounts
Read what others are saying:

Great Program! Very easy to apply and the staff is very helpful. Huge thanks to the Cosmetic Surgery Grants and their staff!

- Alice M. 

Google Reviews

Very friendly staff, in person and on the phone. It seems like they genuinely care about you and your surgery, as they meet with you and your surgeon in person during your consultation. They are also on your side and advocate for better pricing. The support really helps you decide to go through with your surgery. Highly recommend that you utilize this program, again its VERY helpful.

- Tamica M. 

Google Reviews

Thanks for making this possible!

- Lani B. 

Google Reviews

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Cosmetic Surgery Grants Program

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