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Voluntary Research Project

The POiS Research Project is a program under development by Dr Martin Jugenburg, an internationally trained Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon best known for his Innovative Approach to Cosmetic Surgery.

What is the POiS Research Project About?

The POiS (Post-Operative Indexing System) is a system that will be used to provide pre-surgery candidates with the ability to view before and after pictures of like-bodied candidates with similar anthropometric characteristics, thereby providing the pre-surgery candidate with added visibility into the outcome of their contemplated procedure.

For example, if Subject A, is a mid-forties Asian woman seeking a tummy tuck, then it is more advantageous for her to view 'after' photos of other subjects that have similar body traits, characteristics, anthropometrics and geo-centric origins that underwent the same kind of surgery as she did so that she can view similar results.

All the surgeon needs to do is enter Subject A's biometric data into the POiS. The search query will take just a few seconds before promptly displaying 'after' photos that will greatly resemble the anticipated results of Subject A's surgery.

Subject A can now view photos that better resemble what her post-operative results may look like, instead of relying on computer generated renderings or pictures of people that would not resemble Subject A's biometric data.

This is an important variable for ensuring that people make informed decisions before agreeing to accept surgery. Additionally, managing expectations and outcomes is an important standard of care that every surgeon must take into consideration for each patient.


As new participants accrue through out the life of the study, the more accurate and utile the system becomes until it eventually sets a standard of care for every cosmetic surgery procedure.




Ethnicity: Asian
Age: 37
Height: 5' 3
Weight: 129 lbs
Children: 2

Body type: Mesomorph
Prior Surgeries: None

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