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How to Prepare for Your Consultation

The doctor will begin by reviewing your medical history and ask what you would like changed. You should be direct and honest.


Surgeons do not wish to suggest procedures. Rather, they want to know exactly what bothers you, so that they can direct the consultation and specifically address your concerns.

Most plastic surgeons use computer imaging, although some may still rely on photographs.

The surgeon will review your photos and ask what troubles you. He or she will then alter the photos digitally and discuss possible changes.

The surgical or nonsurgical solutions to your problems and their risks and benefits will be discussed.

You can review photos of other procedures showing typical results, less-than-average results, and of course, a few "wows".

The surgeon will also discuss the pros and cons of a cosmetic procedure including all the risks and benefits of the procedure, and the possible alternatives.

You can then give your informed consent. (If there were no risks to surgery, the decision would certainly be more straightforward.)

Even if you decide not to have the procedure, the surgeon has done their job.

Remember, a plastic surgeon offers a service; he or she does not 'sell a procedure'.

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