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Mommy Makeover: What You Need to Know

Updated: Jan 2, 2020


A mommy makeover is a combination of surgical cosmetic procedures designed to help women regain their pre-pregnancy body and confidence. A mommy makeover is a combination of abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), breast lift, breast augmentation or reduction, and liposuction. It is also common to have a Brazillian butt lift (BBL) or vaginal rejuvenation as part of a mommy makeover. The reason women decide to have multiple cosmetic surgery procedures in the same visit is that it removes the need for multiple rounds of general anesthesia and it addresses all their concerns at once. Additionally, the recovery time is similar to when only a single procedure is performed. RealSelf reports that 97% of women who've had a mommy makeover say it's worth it.

Pregnancy creates many changes in a woman's body. While some are temporary (like food cravings), others persist after the baby's birth. One common issue is that pregnancy can lead to separation in the abdominal wall. This is known as diastasis recti and often seen as a pooch. A diastasis reduces the functionality of the core, which leads to hip or lower back pain and leaking urine. An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, can help address this issue. A tummy tuck can remove excess or sagging skin, repair loose or separated muscles, and reduce excess fat.

A tummy tuck can take about 2 to 5 hours to complete. Depending on how the surgery is completed, the patient can expect a scar across the lower abdomen (hidden under the bikini line) and a scar around the belly button. Once it's completed and healed, a tummy tuck creates a smooth and firm stomach profile.

62% of women would consider a mommy makeover if the cost was not an issue

Most women also experience some sort of change to their breasts during pregnancy and after breastfeeding. The breasts may increase or decrease in size. There may be sagging and loss of volume. And, the nipples and areola may change in size and position. A combination of a breast lift, augmentation or reduction is often used to address these concerns. A breast lift takes about 1 to 3 hours and can change the position, shape and profile of the breasts. However, it will not change the size of the breasts -- for that an augmentation or reduction is necessary. These cosmetic procedures can be used to create symmetry in the breasts and create a more youthful appearance.


Hormonal changes experienced by women during pregnancy and lead to stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise. These are addressed with liposuction which surgically removes the fat cells. Liposuction is often used in combination with a tummy tuck to remove fat from the stomach and love handles. Liposuction can also be used on the back, the inner thighs, and chin. Liposuction helps to reshape the body contour to how it looked before childbirth. The fat removed during liposuction can be used to add volume to other parts of the body (such as the buttocks in a Brazillian butt lift).

97% of women who've had a mommy makeover say it's worth it.

There are several important things to note when considering a mommy makeover. First, doctors recommend that women should be sure they are not planning to have more children as pregnancy could undo the results of the surgery. Doctors also recommend waiting at least 6 months after breastfeeding to ensure the body has reached a stable baseline. The expected recovery period for a mommy makeover is about 2 weeks. But, it is recommended to avoid strenuous activity or heavy lifting for at least 6 weeks. The results should be visible almost immediately (2 to 3 weeks) and complete healing takes about 6 months.

Here's a short infographic to summarize all you need to know about a mommy makeover.


Did you know 62% of women would consider a mommy makeover if the cost was not an issue? Cosmetic Surgery Grants can help. We offer grants up to 20% of your cosmetic surgery procedure. Apply today!

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