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Welcome to the Dr Harold Gillies 

Cosmetic Surgery Grants Program

The Dr Harold Gillies Cosmetic Surgery Grants Program provides you with the option to pay less for surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Thanks to participating practitioners, and a commitment on your part, you can qualify for a Cosmetic Surgery Grant that will reduce the cost of your cosmetic surgery by up to 20%, to a maximum of $2,000, depending on your procedure.

There are no claim forms to fill out or reimbursement checks to wait for as the Grant is automatically deducted from the cost of your surgery.

Healthy individuals with a positive outlook and realistic expectations are ideal candidates to participate in this program.

Cosmetic Surgery Grants Program Info

How the Program Works

Cosmetic Surgery Grants are a great  resource for people that are ready to proceed with cosmetic treatment and want a financial incentive to do it now.

Cosmetic Surgery Grants Info

Program Information

You can be confident you're saving money and will be in the care of an experienced, compassionate practitioner near you.

Cosmetic Surgery Grants Support

Get Support

Looking to contact us, update your application, book a consultation, get information or find an answer to your question?

  • What kinds of Surgeries are Covered?
    Most kinds of elective, cosmetic surgeries are covered. For a partial list, Click Here.
  • Is there a fee for the Consultation?
    Usually, there is no consultation fee charged by the practitioner. If there is a consultation fee, the clinic will advise you upfront before scheduling.
  • How much can I qualify for?
    You can qualify for up to 20% of the cost of your treatment plan, to a maximum of $2,000, depending on the procedure you are contemplating.
  • Is there a fee to apply?
    No, there is no fee to apply at any time for a Cosmetic Surgery Grant.
  • Can I get a Competing Quote?
    In most areas, there are several approved clinics you can attend to receive more than one quote for the procedures you are contemplating.
  • Which Clinic will provide my consultation?
    Depending where you're located, we will refer you to each clinic that has experience providing the kind of treatment you are seeking. Our participating clinics demonstrate compassion, gentleness, and a willingness to understand your desired goals and sensitivities.
  • Can I go to any Clinic?
    Depending on your location, we can provide you with several options from which to select a clinic that participates in our program.
  • Do all Clinics charge the same?
    Yes and No. While many charge similar rates based on their advertised fee guide, some clinics have invested in more comprehensive training and equipment which could affect their fees. There could also be price variances based on the types of materials used.
  • Do participating Clinics inflate their fees?
    Of course not. Clinics that participate in our program do not increase their fees when quoting prices to Grant Applicants. In fact, most Clinics advertise their fees on their website so you are able to see the cost of the treatment in advance of attending for your consultation.
  • Do I have to pay back the Grant?
    No, grant funds are free and do not need to be repaid.
  • What Procedures are Covered?
    Most Cosmetic Procedures are covered, including breast augmentations, tummy tucks, liposuction, facelifts and rhynoplasty, as well as minimally-invasive procedures such as Botox, microdermabrasion and chemical peels. Some procedures may not be mentioned here. For full details, ask a Program Consultant
  • Why Should I Apply for a Cosmetic Surgery Grant?
    It all starts with wanting to have your appearance reflect the confident person you truly are. The likelihood of committing to a cosmetic surgery plan that will help you achieve your personal goals and enhance your self confidence becomes more attainable with a Cosmetic Surgery Grant.
  • Who Applies for a Cosmetic Surgery Grant?
    People from all socio-economic backgrounds take advantage of the Grant, and many apply for different reasons. Here are 6 Common Reasons people choose to improve their appearance.
  • How do I Qualify as a Candidate?
    To determine your eligibility, you will need to submit an application so we can learn more about you and the type of cosmetic procedure you are seeking. Following confirmation of your eligibility, and presuming you are a good candidate for the treatment you are seeking, you will receive a referral to a participating clinic near you.
  • How / when are Grants Awarded?
    There are no claim forms to fill out or reimbursement checks to wait for. Grants are allocated once you elect to proceed with treatment and are automatically deducted from the cost of your treatment plan.
  • How does the Process Work?
    1. An applicant submits an application at our website. 2. The applicant’s information is confirmed by a representative of our Organization. 3. We provide you with the contact details for a participating clinic near you that provides the kind of procedures you are seeking. 4. Attend for a consultation. 5. Once you are satisfied with the surgery plan and Grant amount, provide a deposit to hold your price and book a surgery date. 6. The Grant is deducted upfront from the cost of your treatment plan.
  • Can I apply more than once?
    You may only apply once but can select more than one kind of surgery, up to $2000 in total Grants.
  • Why are they called 'Grants' if the money doesn't come from the Government?
    A 'Grant' is simply money or a consideration that is given for free, usually with a consideration attached to it. (For example, the grant money can only be used for a specific purpose) There are many kinds of Grants such as 'cost reimbursement grants' (money provided once certain criteria is met) and 'matching funds grants' (a sum of money given as a grant that is 'matched' by the recipient of the grant) In fact, most Grants are from organizations that are not related to a Government agency.
  • Once I am recommended for inclusion into the program, how long does my application remain eligible?"
    Your application is valid until the end of the Funding Cycle.
  • Can I apply if I don't know a surgeon?
    Yes. We will refer you to participating surgeons that specialize in the kind of surgery you are seeking.
  • Can I apply if I already booked treatment, or to pay for prior treatment?"
    Unfortunately, you may not apply for the purpose of re-paying prior treatments, or to pay for existing treatment that has already been completed or is in the process of being completed. For full eligibility terms and conditions, please carefully review our Program Rules & Regulations.
  • What is the Qualifying Criteria I Must Satisfy to Obtain a Grant?
    Any person over the age of 18 (or under 18 with guardian consent) that lives within proximity of participating clinics may apply for a Grant, however you may need to demonstrate that you have the financial capability to pay for costs that are not covered by the Grant. For more information, please speak with a representative.
  • How can I pay the Clinic for the part of the treatment not covered by the grant?
    You can pay for your portion of the surgery using any usual method of payment such as credit card, debit card, or cash. You may also qualify for funding from a third-party finance company. (Subject to credit check)
  • Where does the Funding come from for the Grants?
    Funding comes from participating clinics that contribute to our expenses and operating costs, which includes monies paid out for advertising, administration and Grants.
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