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Dr Harold Gillies

Cosmetic Surgery

Grants Program

Grants up to $2000
for Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry

A Cosmetic Surgery Grant covers 20% of your cosmetic dental treatment, to a maximum of $2,000, when you book your treatment at a participating dental office.

Get a 20% Grant, to a maximum of $2000, for Cosmetic Dentistry.

Eligible procedures include but are not limited to:

Submit your application to connect with a participating dentist near you.

Dental Implants:

- Single Tooth Implants

- All-On-Four Implants

- Implant Supported Bridges


- Complete or Partial Dentures

- Removable Dentures

- Implant Supported Dentures

Orthodontic Treatments:

- Braces

- Invisalign/Clear Aligners

Dental Crowns:

- Single Crowns

- Crown Supported Dental Bridge

- Implant Crown Replacement

Other Cosmetic Treatments:

- Veneers

- Smile Makeover

- & more

Grant Amounts

About the Cosmetic Surgery Grants Program

The Cosmetic Surgery Grants Program connects you with trusted dentists and covers 20%, to a maximum of $2000 of your dental treatment. When you confirm your treatment plan and provide a deposit to the dental office, the Grant will be automatically deducted from the cost of your treatment.

(Click to see Grant amounts).

Easy Process

It's easy to get a Cosmetic Surgery Grant for Cosmetic Dentistry:

- Submit your application using the Enroll Form Here.
- Select a participating dental office near you.
- Accept your dental treatment plan.

Eligible Procedures (Most Common)

Most cosmetic dental procedures are eligible for a Grant. Commonly sought after procedures include: Dental Implants, All-On-Four or Implant-Fixed Dentures, Removable Dentures, Crowns & Veneers, Braces, Clear Aligners & Dental Bridges.

To inquire about the eligibility of a dental procedure not listed, email us:

Grant Amounts

Any Cosmetic Dentistry: 20% Grant, up to $2,000

Other Cosmetic Surgeries:
: 20% Grant, up to $2,000

Tummy Tuck: 20% Grant, up to $2,000

Face Lift: 19.5% Grant, up to $1,850

Breast Augmentation: 18.5% Grant, up to $1,500

Rhinoplasty: 19.5% Grant, up to $1,850

Hair Transplant Surgery: 15% Grant, up to $2,000

To ask about other procedures or Grant amounts, please email us:

Read what others are saying:

Great Program! Very easy to apply and the staff is very helpful. Huge thanks to the Cosmetic Surgery Grants and their staff!

- Alice M. 

Google Reviews

Very friendly staff, in person and on the phone. It seems like they genuinely care about you and your surgery, as they meet with you and your surgeon in person during your consultation. They are also on your side and advocate for better pricing. The support really helps you decide to go through with your surgery. Highly recommend that you utilize this program, again its VERY helpful.

- Tamica M. 

Google Reviews

Thanks for making this possible!

- Lani B. 

Google Reviews

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